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Welcome, Shippers!
Streamline Your Logistics with

At LogisX, we simplify shipping operations, connect you with reliable carriers, and maximize transportation efficiency.

Seamless Load Management from Posting to Delivery for Shippers

Efficient Bidding System

LogisX streamlines bidding with an easy-to-use system. Evaluate carrier bids, review details and ratings, and select the most competitive option that meets your business requirements.

Increased Visibility

Our platform offers real-time shipment status updates, enabling you to track your loads from pickup to delivery. Stay informed throughout the process, empowering you to streamline your supply chain operations with informed decision-making.

Join LogisX waitlist today to experience the power of seamless logistics. Streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and gain access to a network of trusted carriers, all in one centralized platform.

Direct Connections

LogisX eliminates brokers, providing direct access to trusted carriers. You have full control in choosing carriers that match your needs, ensuring reliable and cost-effective transportation for your shipments.

Streamlined Documentation

LogisX eliminates paperwork by digitizing and centralizing your documentation. Easily manage bills of lading, delivery receipts, and other important paperwork. Enjoy seamless document storage and retrieval, reducing administrative burdens.

Enhance Your Load Posting Strategy with LogisX Shipper Tools
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