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  • Can other carriers see each other bids on the LogisX platform?
    Yes, LogisX operates on a transparent bidding system where carriers have access to view and compare bids from other carriers. This promotes fair competition and transparency in the freight marketplace.
  • How are carriers paid through LogisX?
    Carriers are paid through their regular payment methods, such as invoices and factoring. In the future, we have plans to introduce a convenient payment system for direct driver payments, streamlining the payment process for carriers.
  • How does LogisX differentiate itself from traditional brokers & load boards?
    LogisX stands apart by providing a digital freight hub that connects shippers and carriers directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Unlike traditional brokers and load boards, LogisX offers transparency in lane rates, empowering shippers and carriers to negotiate rates that work for them. Our focus is on streamlining logistics operations and providing value-added services.
  • What are the benefits of using LogisX for shippers?
    Shippers can find reliable trucking companies quickly, negotiate rates directly with trucking companies, and track their shipments in real time, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transportation.
  • How does LogisX ensure that carriers have legal authority to haul loads?
    LogisX takes carrier qualification seriously. We have rigorous processes in place to verify carrier credentials, including legal authority and insurance coverage. By leveraging existing tech and industry practices, we ensure that only qualified carriers join our platform.
  • How does LogisX work?
    LogisX connects shippers directly with trucking companies, eliminating the need for brokers. Shippers post their loads, and truckers bid on them to find the best match
  • What support and assistance does LogisX provide to its users?
    At LogisX, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our users. We offer comprehensive assistance, including onboarding support, technical guidance, and responsive customer service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for shippers and carriers on our platform.
  • Is LogisX available nationwide?
    No, it's our plan to grow nationwide, for now, we're only in the state of Texas, As we grow our networks LogisX would soon operate across the United States, connecting shippers and trucking companies from various locations.
  • What types of shipments does LogisX support?
    LogisX supports various types of shipments, including general freight, perishable goods, and more.
  • How can LogisX help trucking companies and drivers?
    Trucking companies and drivers can access various available loads, bid on them to secure business, and streamline their operations through integrated tools and features

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