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  • Can other carriers see each other bids on the LogisX platform?
    No, other carriers cannot see each other's bids on the LogisX platform. We operate on a confidential bidding system to ensure carriers provide their best prices, maintaining integrity and fairness within the marketplace, and avoiding a race to Zero.
  • How are carriers paid through LogisX?
    Carriers are paid through their regular payment methods, such as invoices and factoring. In the future, we have plans to introduce a convenient payment system for direct driver payments, streamlining the payment process for carriers.
  • How does LogisX differentiate itself from traditional brokers & load boards?
    LogisX stands apart by providing a digital Logistics Exchange that connects shippers and carriers directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Unlike traditional brokers and load boards, LogisX offers transparency in lane rates, empowering shippers and carriers to negotiate rates that work for them. Our focus is on streamlining logistics operations and providing value-added services.
  • How does LogisX prevent double brokering and fraud?
    We use our proprietary technology to vet & verify every carrier within our network. We have built-in features that ensure the bidding carrier completes certain procedures to confirm they are moving the loads.
  • How does LogisX ensure that carriers have legal authority to haul loads?
    LogisX takes carrier qualification seriously. We have rigorous processes in place to verify carrier credentials, including legal authority and insurance coverage. By leveraging existing tech and industry practices, we ensure that only qualified carriers join our platform.
  • Is LogisX a broker?
    No, we provide a platform as a tool for shippers and truckers to use.
  • What makes LogisX special?
    We're not brokers but a tech platform enabling shippers and carriers to make their market. We can undercut broker fees by 75% and remain neutral.
  • Is LogisX available nationwide?
    YES, it is available in all 48 States for now...
  • What types of shipments does LogisX support?
    LogisX supports various types of shipments, including general freight, perishable goods, and more.
  • How does LogisX make money?
    We charge the shipper a fixed tender fee for each load tendered through our platform. LogisX is free for carriers.

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