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"if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"

At LogisX, we aim to create a fair, transparent, and inclusive environment for everyone in the trucking and logistics industry, whether you're an owner-operator with one truck or a small fleet owner. Our mission is to become the preferred logistics partner for businesses worldwide by delivering tangible innovations that enhance efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

For truckers, we provide direct connections to shippers, eliminating middlemen and ensuring better rates and consistent freight opportunities. For shippers, our reliable platform streamlines logistics, offering real-time tracking, digital documentation, and enhanced visibility into shipments. This fosters trust and collaboration, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Driven by our values of transparency, trust, and collaboration, we continually strive to improve and go the extra mile in every task. Join us at LogisX and experience a new standard in logistics, designed to benefit both shippers and carriers alike.

About Us

Our Story

As a team of former fleet owners and operators, we understand the challenges of finding shipper-direct loads and securing dedicated contracts. The struggle with brokers, constant phone calls, and tough rate negotiations made us realize there had to be a better way. Many shippers require multiple trucks and trailers, making it difficult for single truck owner-operators to secure these contracts. This often leaves them stuck in the unpredictable spot market, missing out on the benefits of dedicated runs that provide consistent work and more time at home with their families.

Introducing: The Logistics Exchange

LogisX was created to address these issues by offering a digital platform that connects shippers and carriers directly. Our goal is to create a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent environment where both parties can engage without the middleman, ensuring fair rates and straightforward transactions. We believe in fostering direct relationships, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency to improve the overall trucking industry. Join us at LogisX and experience a new way of handling your freight logistics.

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